Thursday, June 16, 2011

English Ethics

As followers of my Twitter account know, I sometimes post my pet peeves, usually related to misuse of words. I'm not sure why this gets under my skin so much, but it does. Postings such as this make me quite a happy girl and I usually learn something as well.

As paralegals we have an ethial obligation to maintain a high degree of competency. I would argue that while keeping up with case law, rules and procedures, as well as technology is extremely important, paralegals should also know how to write and speak well. Relying on lazy standards of speech and writing is not professional.

So, review your writing and speech carefully. Ask a trusted coworker to proofread your work. Become more aware of the overused expressions in your verbal and written communications and make an effort to reduce your reliance on them. Seek out resources for improving your word usage. It is possible to write and speak professionally without sounding stuffy or formal.

(I'm just sayin'. :-))

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