Wednesday, July 6, 2011

E-Filing Procedures: Gotta Have 'Em!

E-filing is one of those good news/bad news things:

• Good news: No rushing to file a document before the courthouse closes
• Bad news: Attorneys have more time to procrastinate and revise
• Good news: No need for lots of hard copies of the document and exhibits
• Bad news: Local rules may still require particular documents in hard copy
• Good news: Easier and faster to file documents
• Bad news: Easier to file the wrong version or even wrong document

If your office is e-filing, you need procedures to ensure proper approvals prior to filing. The best and safest procedure is to print out document to be filed, have attorney sign the hard copy, then keep signed hard copy in file or scan executed document for paperless file. That way there is no question which version the attorney intended to file.

If your office doesn’t have procedures for e-filing, why don’t you recommend procedures to your attorney?

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