Thursday, September 15, 2011

But I Thought We Were a Team?

Most paralegals I know are satisfied with not being attorneys, but they view themselves as important members of the legal team and wish to be treated as such. Being a member of the lega team includes the following: - Being involved in the matter from the beginning - Being introduced to the client - Being involved in discussions regarding how the case will proceed, or at least given the "why" for the assignment - Having the professionalism to at least listen to our suggestions and recommendations - Treating us with courtesy and respect, whether in private or in front of the client and/or opposing counsel - Keeping us updated on developments in the matter without us always having to ask Sometimes we have to teach attorneys how to treat us as members of the team. Don't be afraid to let your attorneys know, in a professional manner, of course, not only how you want to be included but why doing so benefits the attorney and the client. And if, despite your best efforts, you are not valued and included as a team member, there is always the option to find a new team that will!

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  1. Great tips, Ellen! When paralegals are treated as members of the legal team, they are more productive and have greater job satisfaction.